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We always work hard and give our maximum commitment to make you an amazing and good tattoo. We also maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Please read about our service in google reviews. But, we understand. It is not always possible to make everyone is happy. Therefore, please read the following…


We accept walk-ins and serve on a first-come basis. If you would like to book a particular time we require advance payment. When you are making a booking without a deposit, we do consider you are as a walk-in customer and will not reserve a time.

We make tattoos according to your requirements and needs. Our dedicated service is to create genuinely the best tattoos. Therefore, we put our maximum efforts and time. For, our advance drawing service we charge £50. 

 Find about our friendly and welcoming artists. We may have new resident artists from time to time and also the guest artists. 

 Certain styles of tattoos, you need to book ahead and in advance. Some artists are not always available straightway. 

Getting a tattoo in West One tattoo studio




Tattoos are handmade, So the same design on two people will not be the same. Also, do not expect your tattoo to look perfect like on a photocopy. There is a possibility of minor differences in detail.
Even if the tattoo made precisely, there is a possibility of colour reduction or line spread of your tattoo over the time. This is the inherited quality of the skin as a medium. Do not worry too much about it. That is how the tattoos are look likes. Furthermore, it can accelerate with your skin ageing, fat level, water level, melanin level, tattoo position of the skin, influence on drugs and alcohol, the healthiness of the skin, etc.

Lip tattoos are not real tattoos. They are just an experience. We can’t guarantee how long it will last. But for sure, it will not last forever. It is the fastest tattoo to disappear on your skin.


Our services start from 80 pounds. When the tattoo size is less than 1.5 sq cm and simple, we can consider 60 pounds. But, it is at the artist’s discretion. Small tattoos are below £140, medium (around palm size) from £140-250, above palm-size from £180 upwards. Prices will also change due to the body position and details of the tattoo.

Tattoo Sessions: we charge £350 for 3 hour session or £550 for day session for larger projects.

Otherwise, We price tattoos individually by the piece. Generally, If you have more tattoos in same session the price that we should charge individually will go down as we discount the total cost of tattoos. Discounts are depend on number of tattoos and complexity of the tattoos. 

Unless it is our original design, we don’t provide prices for tattoos remotely. Tattoos are artworks, not products. The final design may vary due to different factors. If we have provided a price remotely, It is an estimation only and price that you would pay may go up or down. Therefore we always recommend that you visit the studio for design and pricing queries. Our friendly and welcoming artists always provide you with the best price once we understood all of your requirements.


Tattoo aftercare is not that complicated. Most importantly do not let infect your tattoo. When the tattoo is fresh there are chances of germs can be contacted as the still skin is open.

After the 3 hours of the tattoo, you can wash the area. But don’t expose to hot water or bath the tattooed area too much. Stay away from the sauna, swimming pool, sun and sea, extreme heat.

After the 48 hours, your tattooed skin area will be in a much better position.
Moisturised the tattooed area regularly with a tattoo aftercare cream or with organic coconut oils (apply just the minimum level of cream, don’t overuse it).
Do not pick scabs or scratch with your nails. It says it will take 2-3 weeks to heal a tattoo. In some cases, it may take up to 2 months. For a retouch wait for 1 month.

If you have any questions regarding tattoo aftercare talk to our friendly and welcoming artists.


For larger pieces and if you are wishing to have a tattoo in future talk to us about your tattoo idea. Our friendly and welcoming team is waiting to help you. 

To know about our service contact us.

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