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Evaldas Gulbinas

Evaldas Gulbinas aka Efka is a young and upcoming multitalented artist which He takes tattooing to the next level with his own thoughts of creative imagination. He is another professional, experienced and skilled tattoo artist. His blend of traditional and abstract styles make his tattoos are really unique and he is technically sufficient to do many styles of tattoos. Efka also a fine art graduate from Westminster University. Besides tattooing, he had contributed many of his artworks of sculptures and paintings to numerous exhibitions and art shows. It is seen his works are been published in art magazines more frequently these days.

Sri Marlon

Sri Marlon is another tattoo artist work with us, born and raised in Sri Lanka. Not to mention, He is considered as an old icon of Sri Lankan tattoo history. Marlon has given much inspiration to the young and upcoming tattoo industry of his homeland. Marlon is highly professional, experienced and skilled and has been in the tattoo industry for more than 15 years. Now, he made his home in the UK. Marlon is a multiskill tattoo artist that can adopt many tattoo styles with improvisation. His main interest is Asian spiritual art and blackwork. He has tattooed some noticeable people. Name to be few Emily sundae, Jack jones, Shaquill Aaron aka Shakk d badmon, Karishma Kotak. Marlon is a fan of Black Sabbath and in his free time visits art galleries and makes paintings.

Tasha lambert

Tasha is another young artist to work with us. She also an art graduate and a full-time tattoo artist. Tasha collaborates with many local tattoo conventions. Her favorite style is dot work and ornamental tattoos She is professional and experienced, tattooing for more than 6 years.

lepa denis

Lepa is a Japanese tattoo artist and was born and raised in East London. She found her gift in Fine Arts when she was barely out of her nappies. Lepa’s style is new-school Japanese/Asian tattoos. She has had a long-standing obsession/love relationship with Japanese style tattoos/Art as far back as she can recall. Lepa has had the privilege and honour of being to observe and learn from some of the greatest artists and innovators like Master Horiyoshi III, HorikazuAlex Reinke, Lal Hardy, George Bone, Ivano Natale to name a few.


Further, the Japanese tattoo legend Master Horiyoshi III has honoured Lepa by choosing her artist signature name (彫 霊 波). She always carries with the utmost respect and humility. Lepa also understands the responsibility and the weight involved with it. She honours it every day through her works also in daily life. She always follows and observes Master Horiyoshi III’s teachings of ‘SHU HA RI’. It describes the Martial Art concept as the stages of learning to mastery in any particular Artform)

Furthermore, Lepa’s work also heavily influenced by some of the artists are in the industry today. To name a few of them, Jeff Gogue, Shige, all the great Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock print) artists like Yoshitoshi, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Kunisada, Hokusai, Utamaro etc). She frequently visits The Royal Academy Of Arts and The National Portrait Gallery for research, ideas, and inspiration,


Lepa likes to mesh both new and old school Japanese tattoo styles which create really unique pieces for her individual clients. The beauty with Asian style tattoos is that the whole body is observed as the canvas and can always be added. Flowing freely into each tattoo as a whole piece, they are complementing each other. Whether you begin with a sleeve or a back-piece making, the tattoo will set into one continuous piece as it flows naturally in the body.

More importantly, “I think Master Horiyoshi III said it best; “I will Live And Die Devoted To This..”. So, let’s get you started on your own journey to revealing your own Horimono the WANZAKURE way! “-Lepa Dinis (彫 霊 波)