Tattoo Designs

We create truly unique tattoo designs within our tattoo artist’s creative inspirations. We always focus on customer’s requirements to design a tattoo that they always will love. You may be looking at getting a little love heart tattoo or a full sleeve tattoo, we give equal priority to any of your tattoo ideas. We understand, regardless of the size of the tattoo, every tattoo is important to you. We always on-board tattoo artists who are professional with full of creativity and professionalism. All of them have their own specialised tattoo styles, but they also confident enough to work with other tattoo styles. We have pre-designed tattoo flashes in the studio to choose from. Your tattoo idea may be having a cover-up tattoo, full sleeve or a minimal tattoo. You also can find out your favourite tattoo styles with our artist’s improvisation. Contact us for more details.

Tattoo styles are always emerging and the tattoo industry is evolving. Therefore, you will find a variety of tattoo designs available today. While some of the tattoo designs are similar and others are really unique. We cover most of the tattoo styles from old school tattoos to new school tattoos. Today most trending tattoos are minimal tattoos, blackwork tattoos, line work, and dot work tattoos. But, traditional tattoos, realistic tattoos, Japanese tattoos, geometric tattoos never die. They are the top favourites of serious tattoo lovers. Some of the clients like random tattoos from different artists and others like to have theme-based full sleeve tattoos or back piece tattoos. You may take tattoo inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest. But, It is really a good idea to have a customised tattoo created by your tattoo artist. You also should decide which tattoo style to follow. Check some of our work in Instagram

Tattoo design by Evaldas Gulbinas

Evaldas gulbinas aka EfKa began his tattoo style with strong abstract tattoo designs with following traditional thick lines. over the years he mastered different tattoo styles and tattooing techniques. He always designs unique tattoos with attention to detail. He is an old rounder and can do single-line tattoos, colour tattoos, abstract tattoos. Efka has created a cry baby tattoo series. More tattoo flashes are available in the studio.

Tattoo Design by Sri Marlon

He is specialised in black and grey tattoos, but he can handle the colour tattoos very well too. Marlon likes to design Asian Hinduism and Buddhism inspired Large designs which suitable for sleeve tattoo or back piece tattoo. He has done many realistic tattoos and he gained utmost satisfaction with the customers. He mostly does fine-line tattoos, traditional and minimal tattoos with walk-in customers. Sri Marlon also an expert in designing geometric designs, mandala designs, Maori and Tribal tattoos. 

Tattoo design by Lepa Denis

Lepa mostly creates Japanese bodysuits. she does classic Japanese tattooing with the mix of neo colour style. Therefore, her Japanese tattoos are very colourful. If you are looking for classic style Hanya mask tattoo, dragon tattoo or Phoenix tattoo she is one fit with your tattoo style. Lepa is a girl with a dragon tattoo and she is a girl with fully tattooed and covered. She is an important tattoo artist in London Japanese tattooing with her connection to Horiyoshi III.