Tattoo Designs

We create truly unique tattoo designs for our clients and always have their requirements and needs in mind whilst designing. No matter how big or small, simple or complex the job is, we give equal priority to our clients’ tattoo ideas. We understand that every tattoo is important to them. Our artists are dedicated, professional and passionate. All of them have their own specialised tattoo styles, but they are also experienced to work with other tattoo styles. 

We also have pre-designed tattoo flashes in the studio for our clients to browse or for inspirations.

Tattoo styles are always emerging and the tattoo industry is evolving. You will find that there are a variety of tattoo designs available today. While some of the tattoo designs are similar, others are really unique. We cover most of the tattoo styles from old school tattoos to new school tattoos. The most trending tattoos today are minimal tattoos, blackwork tattoos, line work, and dot work tattoos, but traditional tattoos, realistic tattoos, Japanese tattoos and geometric tattoos never die out. They remain to be favourites of serious tattoo lovers. 

Some of the clients like random tattoos from different artists and others like to have theme-based full sleeve tattoos or back piece tattoos. You may get inspirations from Instagram or Pinterest, but it is really a good idea to have a customised tattoo created by the tattoo artist. Check some of our work on Instagram.

Tattoo designs by Evaldas Gulbinas

Evaldas Gulbinas aka EfKa originally creates strong abstract tattoo designs with traditional thick lines. Over the years he mastered different tattoo styles and techniques. He is an all rounder and can do single-line tattoos, colour tattoos as well as continuing his abstract style. Efka has created a cry baby tattoo series. More tattoo flashes are available in the studio.

Tattoo Designs by Sri Marlon

Sri Marlon specialises in black and grey tattoos, but he also works with colour. He is passionate about creating Asian Hinduism and Buddhism inspired large designs which are suitable for a sleeve or a back piece. He has also created many realistic tattoos. At the studio, he regularly creates fine-line, traditional and minimal tattoos with our walk-in clients. Sri Marlon is also an expert in designing geometric, mandala designs, Maori and Tribal tattoos.

Tattoo designs by Lepa Denis

Lepa specialises in Japanese bodysuits and was trained in the classic Japanese style. Her tattoo practice is Japanese in style with a mix of the neo colour. Therefore, her designs are very colourful. She would be the perfect artist for you if you are looking for a classic Hanya mask, dragon or phoenix tattoo. With her experience in tattooing, Lepa is also an all rounder and can tattoo in different styles. Here are some designs from Lepa’s portfolio, colour work will be uploaded soon.